Our sensory-friendly clothing label, where fashion meets functionality most inclusively and comfortably. We are passionate about creating clothing that caters to the sensory needs of individuals with autism and other sensory processing differences without compromising on style. Our clothing designs aim to provide sensory comfort and promote mental wellbeing by incorporating elements that touch on current events and promote positive messages of self-care and mindfulness.

" I am proud to have partnered with Born Anxious, a company that shares a commitment to promoting the mental well-being of individuals with autism and sensory difficulties. Together, we strive to create sensory-friendly clothing that provides comfort and fosters positive mental health and self-care practices" - Kieron Lee.

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sensory & friendly clothing

I aim to continue raising autism awareness and mental health in men. The clothing line of Acronyms will continue to expand its clothing range and donate to charities like Anna Kennedy Online. The new year will see the third chapter of the Acronym’s clothing line, which will support the release of the second single, PMD and awareness of mental health in males.  - Kieron Lee 

A huge thank you to any of those that purchase from us. 

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