NYN (Official Music Video) Re-release


The work I do as an artist and advocate for autism and mental health allows me the opportunity to speak directly to those who are often left without one's voice. It is also imperative to me that I share & record my own experiences. 

Kieron's Debut Podcast

We were thrilled to share that Kieron Lee appeared as a special guest on the Thoughty Auti – The Autism Podcast, one of the world's top-ranked podcasts about autism. During the episode, Kieron joined Thomas Henley to discuss important topics, including men's mental health and life with autism. The Thoughty Auti podcast was dedicated to bringing people together through engaging stories, inspiring journeys, and intellectual debates. Kieron was a talented artist and passionate advocate for autism and mental health awareness, and we were honored that he had the opportunity to share his insights on this platform.

Full episode:

Kieron Lee talks New Single ‘M&M’

M&M is the most challenging song I have ever had to write. I was in the worst place. It’s about being used and taken advantage of, It’s about being in a position you never thought you would be in, and then suddenly, everything else around me began to fall apart; I fell apart. It felt like the world had ended. All that kept running through my head was, could I possibly hurt anymore? I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life; 


Kieron Lee said: “It has been an absolute honour and privilege to work with JAAQ on the official music video for my debut single ‘NYN.’

“I cannot thank the team of lads for believing in me and making someone who often feels misunderstood so comfortable and appreciated. The team at JAAQ have inspired my drive to raise more awareness surrounding mental health and autism, these people are helping shape a better tomorrow, and it is so inspiring.” 

The official video is currently exclusively shown on the JAAQ Platform. 

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Kieron Lee

kieron lee features on rendition of hit single with jrock from big brovaz

J Rock from MOBO award winning R&B and hip hop music group Big Brovaz has announced his first-ever charity single. He is singing a reproduced version of his 2003 hit Baby Boy. Kieron Lee features on the song in 2018.

Kieron appears on nation's only mental health channel 2017. 

Kieron Lee said: "To be a better artist, we watch ourselves back; I mean, how else can we improve? I saw this video and saw a kid of 17 who didn't know his style & looked quite lost; although this was a proud moment and at such a young age, I just wasn't aware of what being an artist meant; I just sang.  I see this now, and look how I have grown and developed from strength to strength despite my trauma and experiences." 

Episode Details: 20.0317 EP027
Aired: Sky 203